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Border crossing from Syria to Turkey (at Gaziantep), 2014, photo: Kemal Vural Tarlan
Migration leftovers along Syrian border, 2014. Photo: Kemal Vural Tarlan.
Nizip tent and container camps in Gaziantep, Turkey, 2015. Photo: Merve Bedir.
Maritsa river, border crossing from Turkey to Bulgaria, 2015. Photo: Merve Bedir.
The highway separated from the Jungle in Calais, 2016. Photo: Léopold Lambert.
Graffiti in Calais, 2014. Photo: Kemal Vural Tarlan.
Utopia 56, Grande-Synthe, France, 2016. Photo: Léopold Lambert.
Drawings of the memories of a security officer in a detention centre in Australia. Photo: Sam Wallman, http://tgm-serco.patarmstrong.net.au/.
Migration leftovers in Lesbos, 2016. Photo: Merve Bedir.
Last 'legal' migrant boat leaving from Lesbos to mainland Greece, 2016. Photo: Merve Bedir.