Rona Sela

Dr. Rona Sela is a curator, researcher of visual history and lecturer at Tel Aviv University and Shenkar College. Her work focuses on the visual representation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and their political and social aspects, on human rights issues and the role of the archive in zones of conflict. She examines how the Zionist/Israeli systems, as one component in a huge mechanism of domination and conquest, control the visual sphere of both Israelis and Palestinians for ideological/national objectives. One of her projects exposes how, by various means of force, Israel looted Palestinian treasurers, have become a large reservoir of knowledge about the Palestinians, giving Israel control over their history and culture. Her recent work deals with the development of Palestinian civil society – among them artists and activists - who are fighting to reduce inequality and apply democracy to all residents of the state. She has curated numerous exhibitions and published many books, catalogues and articles on these topics.