Osman Bozkurt

Osman Bozkurt, born 1970, lives and works in Istanbul. Bozkurt uses photography and video to map the fraught spaces that are between public and private. His scenes from everyday life are humbling portraits charged with political resistance. He often works with materials that tend to be overlooked in urban dwellings, including, in works such as Tape Republic, 2009, the brown tape that becomes a short-term solution to fixing broken handles and to marking territory and that covers every inch of cardboard boxes in Laleli, a bustling shopping district in Istanbul. Elsewhere, for example in Post Resistance, 2013, Bozkurt has worked with the remaining traces of graffiti erased from Istanbul’s walls. These are among the several interventions Bozkurt has made, that exemplify creative and improvised uses of public space. His response to the disappearance of balconies from the new buildings is one way of tracking the city getting taken over by gentrification projects. In 2006, Bozkurt co-founded PiST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space, a non-for-profit, independent artist-run space in Istanbul.