Đorđe Balmazović

Đorđe Balmazović is the member of Škart collective, which was founded 1990 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. In 1990s, the collective was making poetry 'samizdat' books and distributing them in the street actions. In 2000, Škart founded two collectives - choir and orchestra named Horkeškart and a female embroidery group. In 2008 the collective started Poetrying - a festival of experimental poetry which lasted 5 years, up to 2013. From 2012 onwards, the collective does occasional workshops in foster care house "Vera Radivojević" in Bela Crkva, Serbia. From 2013 till now Škart has done several workshops with migrants based in asylum centres in Bogovadja and Banja Koviljača. Collective members earn their wage working as graphic designers.

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