Maria Salgado

Maria Salgado (1984) and Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca (1976) have worked together in Madrid since 2012. Their joint work sets out from the idea of audiotext as a junction between poetry, language, sound art, music and performance. Together, they have developed a significant body of work through two main areas of investigation. Hacía un ruido (2012-2016) focused on specific events of political unrest spanning the globe after 2011, envisioning them collectively as a cycle of political disobedience. This research brought forth graphic art publications (posters, pamphlets, scores), a book, a record, an instrumental piece, a two-month-long sound installation, and a live performance that toured to several venues in Madrid, Barcelona, Guadalajara, and New York City. Jinete Último Reino (2017-2020) researched sexual and gender dissidence, which gave rise to an instrumental piece, the score of which was published in Present Tense Pamphlets (The Block Museum, Northwestern University), a sound piece commissioned by Radio Reina Sofía and two 60' performance works: Fragmento 3 and Fragmento 2, premiering respectively at Matadero (Madrid, 2017) and Macba (Barcelona, 2019.) Both subsequently toured to several theaters, museums and festivals.

Maria Salgado: Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca: