Ines Doujak

Ines Doujak (born 1959) is an Austrian artist who researches, writes and teaches in the areas of visual culture and material aesthetics with a queer-feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial focus. Doujak lives and works in London and Vienna, where she studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (1988–93). She is key researcher in Utopian Pulse: Flares in the Darkroom located at the Secession in Vienna, which started in 2013. She is the project leader of Loomshuttles / Warpaths, a project shedding light on the highly complex and asymmetrical relationships between Europe and Latin America through the medium of Andean textiles. Textiles, as an ancient global product, is outset to unravel how multiple forms and consequences of colonialist policies reach into the present. With British novelist John Barker she regularly produces ideas and projects.