Fiona R. Cameron

Dr Fiona Cameron is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, Australia. Fiona has researched and published widely on museums and their agency in contemporary societies around 'hot' topics and climate change to material culture, digital heritage and the posthumanities. Fiona was the lead Chief Investigator on the international research project, *Hot Science, Global Citizens: The Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Interventions*.

Recent books include three co-edited collections, Climate Change and Museum Futures (New York: Routledge); Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage: A Critical Discourse (MIT Press 2007), Hot Topics, Public Culture, Museums (Cambridge Scholars 2010); a co-authored monograph, Compositions, Materialities, Dynamics: Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage for a Complex, Entangled World (MIT Press, 2016) and a multi-authored monograph, Collecting, Ordering, Governing (Duke UP, 2016). Fiona has published widely in Continuum; Journal of Material Culture; International Journal of Heritage Studies; Museum and Society and Museum Management and Curatorship.