Clémence Seurat

Clémence Seurat works at la Gaîté lyrique in Paris where she runs the publishing projects. During the COP21, she co-curates a series of meetings and events related to arts and ecology. During several years, she worked in the field of electronic music and media art; she coordinated an international artists' network and curated regular events promoting experimental and hybrid artistic pratices - listening-sessions, concerts, and talks. She often participated at the international jurys and festivals. In 2014-2015, she was member of Bruno Latour's reasearch laboratory in arts and politics based at Sciences Po Paris (Speap) and participated to the conception of The Theater of Negotiations and the curation of associated conferences and resources. Then, she co-founded Coyote, a collective working at the intersection of arts, philosophy, ecology and politics through publishing, conferences and performances.