Banu Karaca

Banu Karaca is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Sabanci University, Istanbul. Her work centers on political anthropology, art and aesthetics, nationalism and cultural policy. She is currently completing a manuscript entitled "Decivilizing Art: Cultural Policy and Nationalism in Turkey and Germany," which examines the entrenchment of art in state violence. Some of her recent publications interrogate the politics of intercultural exchange programs in the EU (International Journal of Cultural Policy, 2010), current modes of art censorship in Turkey (New Perspectives on Turkey, 2011; Toplum ve Bilim, 2012), and Istanbul's 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe tenure (The Cultural Politics of Europe, 2013). Banu is the co-funder of Siyah Bant (, a research platform that documents censorship in the arts, and continues her research on the possibilities and limitations of art in reconciliation processes.