Agency is an international initiative that was founded in 1992 and has office in Brussels. Agency constitutes a growing list of controversies called "list of things" that resist the split between the classifications of nature and culture. This list of things is mostly derived from juridical processes and controversies involving "intellectual property" (copyrights, patents, trade marks, etc...) in various territories around the world. The concept of intellectual property relies upon the fundamental assumption of the ontological division between culture and nature and consequently between expressions and ideas, creations and facts, subjects and objects, humans and non-humans, originality and tradition, individuals and collectives, mind and body, etc.... Each "thing" or controversy included on the list witnesses a hesitation in terms of these divisions. Agency invokes these "things" from its list via varying "assemblies" inside exhibitions, performances, publications. Each assembly speculates on a different question, selecting a series of cases and precedents. Those questions as a whole explore in a topological way the operative consequences of the apparatus of intellectual property for an ecology of art practices and their modes of existence.