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El siluetazo, Buenos Aires, 1983.
Movimiento contra la tortura Sebastián Aceveo in front of CNI (National Intelligence Centre), Santiago, Chile, 1980s. A group of 150 people - mainly nuns, priests and other church members protesting against the use of torture, outside the Calle Borgono 1470 on 18 October 1983. The banner says: "Aqui se tortura". The building is frequently cited in testimonies as being used as a secret detention centre where political suspects are taken for interrogation and torture by the Central Nacional de Informaciones (CNI - Chilean secret police).
Nancy Garín, Jesús Arpal-Moya and others in El siluetazo, Barcelona, 2014.
Daniela Ortiz with the ‘silueta’ of Antonio Santana, Barcelona, 2014.
Carabanchel: A centre for memory. Against the repression of yesterday and today concentration in front of the Migrant Detention Centre, Carabanchel, Madrid, 2014.