SALT is a not-for-profit institution located in İstanbul and Ankara, Turkey. Opened in April 2011, SALT hosts exhibitions, conferences and public programmes; engages in interdisciplinary research projects; and sustains SALT Research, a library and archive of recent art, architecture, design, urbanism, and social and economic histories to make them available for research and public use. These resources are also interpreted in the form of exhibitions and discussed in all other areas of programming. SALT regularly publishes and its e-books can be downloaded for free in PDF and e-pub formats.

SALT's mission is to explore critical and timely issues in visual and material culture, and cultivate innovative programmes for research and experimental thinking. Assuming an open attitude and establishing itself as a site of learning and debate, the institution aims to challenge, excite and provoke its visitors by encouraging them to offer critique and response.

Events and Exhibitions

How Did We Get Here
03 Sep–29 Nov 2015