Glossary of Common Knowledge

Beyond the conventional usage of the language in contemporary art

A list of terms associated with six referential fields, as proposed by a number of narrators in the course of several seminars, to negotiate various positions, contexts and local narratives about contemporary art referential fields. The aim of proposing six referential fields (historicization, subjectivization, geopolitics, constituencies, commons, and other-institutionality) is to meet the need for discussions that can address various localities and temporalities. Contemporary art contains a variety of social, historical, cultural and political references that exist as referential fields outside the focal ideas, concepts, and artworks themselves. These references also condition the form and practice of artistic production.

The Geopolitics referential field is repeating from the previous edition because we feel such wide referential fields can never be fully exhausted. The first edition of the Geopolitics referential field took place in 2015.

A new group of international narrators will address their current research or artisticprojects and propose termssignified by specific local environments to go beyond the dominant epistemological models in contemporary art. They will produce a multitude of voices that will explore alternative ways of making global alliances, either by drawing from historical case studies or addressing urgent sociopolitical issues.