Ecologising Museums

Edited by L'Internationale Online with Sarah Werkmeister

The implications around climate change have far-reaching consequences but they can also have far-reaching benefits. The e-publication Ecologising Museums explores how museums and cultural institutions can face the issue not only head-on, but from all angles. To what degree are the core activities of collecting, preserving and presenting in fact attitudes that embody an unsustainable view of the world and the relationship between man and nature?

  • 1.
  • 2.
    Let Us Now Praise Famous Seeds
    by Michael Taussig
  • 3.
    Beyond COP21: Collaborating with Indigenous People to Understand Climate Change and the Arctic
    by Candis Callison
  • 4.
    Theorising More-Than Human Collectives for Climate Change Action in Museums
    by Fiona R. Cameron
  • 5.
    Fictioning is a Worlding
    by Clémence Seurat
  • 6.
    Late Subatlantic. Science Poetry in Times of Global Warming
    by Ursula Biemann
  • 7.
    Ecosophy and Slow Anthropology. A Conversation with Barbara Glowczewski
    by Barbara Glowczewski, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Sarah Werkmeister
  • 8.
    Necroaesthetics: Denaturalising the Collection
    by Anna-Sophie Springer, Etienne Turpin
  • 9.
    The Eclipse of the Witness: Natural Anatomy and the Scopic Regime of Modern Exhibition-Machines
    by Vincent Normand
  • 10.
    Imagining a Culture Beyond Oil at the Paris Climate Talks
    by Mel Evans and Kevin Smith of Liberate Tate
  • 11.
    Climate Risks, Art, and Red Cross Action. Towards a Humanitarian Role for Museums?
    by Pablo Suarez
  • 12.

127 pages
ISBN 9789491564086
Published in 2016

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