Don't You Know Who I Am? Art After Identity Politics

Edited by Anders Kreuger and Nav Haq

Is 'identity politics' still relevant or necessary in art? We wanted to see how and why artists today addres issues of identification and subjectivity in their work. We've focused specifically on emergent practices, because we think they might help us, and our audience, to understand the here-and-now of art and to speculate on its future.

  • 1.
    By Way of Introduction
    by Anders Kreuger, Nav Haq
  • 2.
    Out of the Picture: Identity Politics Finally Transcending Visibility (Or: The Invisible and the Visible, Part 2)
    by Nav Haq
  • 3.
    The After of the Title
    by Anders Kreuger
  • 4.
    Becoming Sobject: Considerations of Vehicularity and 'Wild Writing'
    by Travis Jeppesen
  • 5.
    A Double and a Split
    by Nida Ghouse

107 pages
Published in 2014

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